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Charlotte, NC, United States
I teach my students to produce a beautiful, controlled tone in a manner healthy for their bodi...
Franklin, TN, United States
Murfreesboro, TN
Having 15 years of teaching experience, Dr. Sarah K. Crocker is Adjunct Professor of Harp and Mus...
Marissa has extensive experience in the art of teaching the harp. Currently, she is the adjunct h...
Chicago, IL, United States
Valparaiso, IN
South Bend, IN
Kankakee, IL
Homewood, IL
For the pleasure of making music together! Feel free to contact me via my website, my email or ph...
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San Francisco, CA, United States
Sarah has 20 years of harp teaching experience in the UK, Asia and now the US. All ages and abili...
Brooklyn, NY, United States
I love sharing the joy of playing the harp with others. I received my Master of Music degree from...
Cincinnati, OH, United States
I primarily teach advanced students who plan to make a career as solo, orchestral or teaching har...
publicity 2b 15_resized.jpg
I teach primarily university-enrolled students, as well as students through the Atlanta Symphony ...
Lynne Abbey-Lee.JPG
Lakewood, CO, United States
Encouraging and supporting students and their goals is as important to me as the music they play....
Lillian Lau Harpist 1.1MB.jpg
Chicago, IL, United States
Downers Grove, IL
Lillian Lau maintains a large teaching studio at the University of Chicago and the Greater Chicag...
New York, NY, United States
Harp lessons are offered to students of all ages and levels in the New York area. ​Lessons in hom...
1 liana cropping 3.jpg
I seek to share the joy of playing the harp, based on the student’s interest.  Conveniently...
Philadelphia, PA, United States
This is a test.
I expect my students to practise every day so that they can come to each lesson prepared to show ...
Alpharetta, GA, United States
I welcome students of all ages, and teach in my home studio.  Lessons are geared toward the inter...
022613Haefner 031jpgsp.jpg
415 Avenue C, Denton, TX, United States
My teaching philosophy is grounded in the belief that each student is an individual, and should b...
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1929 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103, USA
My method is very simple and musical. I have taught for thirty years, beginner to professional. I...
As a teacher, Sonja believes in a very individualized approach to a student’s education.  Conside...
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