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Alpharetta, GA, United States
I welcome students of all ages, and teach in my home studio.  Lessons are geared toward the inter...
022613Haefner 031jpgsp.jpg
415 Avenue C, Denton, TX, United States
My teaching philosophy is grounded in the belief that each student is an individual, and should b...
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1929 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103, USA
My method is very simple and musical. I have taught for thirty years, beginner to professional. I...
As a teacher, Sonja believes in a very individualized approach to a student’s education.  Conside...
New York, NY, United States
Baltimore, MD
Newport News, VA
I am honored to have the privilege to teach, and it is my goal to help each of my students to rea...
Monica Turoni Carnegie TUMB.JPG
Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Burntisland, United Kingdom
Flexible tuitions from beginners to advanced levels. Beginners: Lessons on Celtic/lever harp for ...
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Tulsa, OK, United States
“My goal is for my students to feel the pure joy that the magic of music can bring….....
Houston, TX, United States
Houston Heights, Houston, TX, United States
Sugar Land, TX, United States
I have been fortunate to have studied with teachers who have nurtured and inspired me as a musici...
Northridge, Los Angeles, CA, United States
I teach all styles for beginners and intermediates; I guide advanced and professional harpists in...
Fort Lauderdale, FL, United States
I can help you meet your harp goals — pop, movie theme, classical, church music, etc..
Washington, DC, United States
I strive to teach with a well-rounded approach that includes music history, theory, note-reading,...
Fort Myers, FL, United States
Amber Burdick
Monrovia, CA, United States
Amber has a positive, encouraging and methodical teaching style. Amber has experience teaching pe...
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Vienna, Austria
Korneuburg, Austria
My goal in harp teaching is to give my pupils a stabil technical base, which can be easily used f...
Washington, DC, United States
Houston, TX, USA
The Woodlands, TX, USA
Houston Heights, Houston, TX, USA
Harp lessons are a personal experience that requires vulnerability and openness to making mistake...
Accord, NY, United States
Classically trained, I have a special interest in new music including classical, jazz and improvi...
Nashville, TN, United States
Timbre focuses on teaching foundational healthy technique, giving students the skill and versatil...
Milford, CT, United States
35 years of experience in private or group lessons in Rebecca’s studio. Instruction tailore...
Tess Harpist Portraits-0003.jpg
I love helping my students lay a strong technical and musical foundation.  Once they are comforta...
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