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Teaching private harp lessons is one of Leigh Stringfellow’s greatest joys. She welcomes st...
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Columbus, OH, United States
I love helping children and adults begin or continue their harp journey! We explore elements of t...
Grace Bauson, harpist.jpg
Richmond, VA, United States
Fredericksburg, VA
Harrisonburg, VA
Steamboat Springs, CO
Grace Bauson is currently accepting students in Richmond, Fredericksburg, and Harrisonburg, Virgi...
Indianapolis, IN, United States
Dr. Heaven Fan is currently on the faculty at Anderson University and the MasterWorks Festival.  ...
Richmond, VA, United States
  Teaching harp is my passion.  I enjoy teaching students from very young children to aspiring pr...
South Carolina, United States
Passionate about teaching harp to students of all ages and abilities on lever or pedal harp. My  ...
Stephanie Claussen with her Pedal Harp.jpg
I teach beginning-intermediate lever and pedal harp. I have a background in both classical harp (...
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Creative Arts Center, 1 Fine Arts Dr, Morgantown, WV 26506, USA
I encourage students to become their own teacher through self guidance and objectivity. A primary...
Olivia Hitt Rocket City Harpist.jpg
I offer private instruction on both lever and pedal harp. My lever harp is a custom-made Gothic 3...
Angela Schwarzkopf is the first to be awarded a Canadian Doctorate of Music in Harp Performance. ...
Greensboro, NC, United States
Newton, NC, United States
Harpist, Grace Wepner Ludtke provides professional harp instruction for students of all ages. Stu...
Austin, TX, United States
My passion is to help students play the harp as musically, beautifully, effortlessly and efficien...
Norman, OK, United States
My goal is to help the student become a comprehensive musician through technical ability, knowled...
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Holland, MI, United States
Grand Rapids, MI, USA
My teaching style is tailored to each individual student at whatever level they are.  Technique i...
Hee Jin Yoon.jpg
Fullerton, CA, United States
I am accepting harp students of all ages and levels on pedal harp and lever harp. Students have o...
Houston, TX, United States
Katy, TX
My goal for my students is that they develop a solid technical foundation, expressive musicality,...
Music-Frances Duffy head shot1.jpg
Bloomfield, NJ, United States
I teach the French method of playing, focusing on relaxation, beautiful sound, and injury-free te...
Tucson Harp Music
I focus on teaching the student not just a list of repertoire, but the skills needed for independ...
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