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Zeeland, MI, United States
_MG_4545_Erin copy.jpg
Geneva, IL, United States
Rock Island, IL
Lessons focus on technique training, musicality, and music reading.  As a student advances, lesso...
21791 Eveningside Lane, Lake Forest, CA, United States
Donna’s passion is sharing her love for the harp and her knowledge with others – youn...
Egg Harbor Township, NJ, United States
I am a very dedicated and patient teacher.  My goal as a teacher is to make sure you are having f...
Como, Italy
Lugano, Switzerland
Floraleda Sacchi is regarded as one of the most interesting and original harpist in the internati...
profile pic.jpg
I believe in a positive learning environment to help each student achieve their personal best. I ...
oscar salvi 2.jpg
Buenos Aires, Argentina
I have studied Folk and Pedal Harp in Buenos Aires and Pedal harp with my Mentor, Marielle Nordma...
Kimberly Rowe.jpg
Brno, Czech Republic
philadelphia pa
Kimberly Rowe serves on the faculty of prominent music programs such as Curtis Summerfest, theNat...
17791 McKinnon Drive, Saratoga, CA, United States
3695 rose terrasse circle San jose
100 sky way drive San jose
Buffalo, NY, United States
An innovative educator with over 15 years of experience, Kela Walton embraces teaching harp to st...
Altadena, CA, United States
carlsbad, ca
My teaching philosophy is simple – music should be joyful. It is important to me that my st...
Southampton, PA, United States
Cheryl Dungan Cunningham has been teaching students of all ages and skills to play the harp since...
Cypress, CA, United States
Irvine, CA
Los Angeles
My teaching focuses on helping students explore their passion for the harp while developing a sou...
IMG_1127 copy.jpg
Evanston, IL, United States
Chicago, IL, United States
I believe that a harpist should be informed by a solid understanding of technique, theory, and of...
Orange County, CA, United States
I strive to provide an environment where students experience the joy of making music while develo...
Teaching private harp lessons is one of Leigh Stringfellow’s greatest joys. She welcomes st...
Promo pic.jpg
Columbus, OH, United States
I love helping children and adults begin or continue their harp journey! We explore elements of t...
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