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Grayslake, IL 60030, United States
My mission as an educator is to provide a safe, consistent and structured learning environment wh...
Zeeland, MI, United States
Chicago, IL, United States
Valparaiso, IN
South Bend, IN
Kankakee, IL
Homewood, IL
Cincinnati, OH, United States
I primarily teach advanced students who plan to make a career as solo, orchestral or teaching har...
Indianapolis, IN, United States
Dr. Heaven Fan is currently on the faculty at Anderson University and the MasterWorks Festival.  ...
I teach students of all ages and backgrounds. I hope to help students build a solid technical fou...
Lillian Lau Harpist 1.1MB.jpg
Chicago, IL, United States
Downers Grove, IL
Lillian Lau maintains a large teaching studio at the University of Chicago and the Greater Chicag...
I am a passionate teacher that wants all her students to grow into independent, critically thinki...
430 S Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL, United States
1750 N. Campbell Ave, Chicago, IL 60647
As a teacher, I want to see my students succeed beyond their expectations.  I strive to give them...
hope low res image.jpg
Holland, MI, United States
Grand Rapids, MI, USA
My teaching style is tailored to each individual student at whatever level they are.  Technique i...
IMG_1127 copy.jpg
Evanston, IL, United States
Chicago, IL, United States
I believe that a harpist should be informed by a solid understanding of technique, theory, and of...
Champaign, IL, United States
Urbana, IL
Bloomington, IL
Stephanie Claussen with her Pedal Harp.jpg
I teach beginning-intermediate lever and pedal harp. I have a background in both classical harp (...
Promo pic.jpg
Columbus, OH, United States
I love helping children and adults begin or continue their harp journey! We explore elements of t...
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