Which Harp Trolley Is Best?

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    Amy Wilson on #71146


    This was a great question!

    unknown-user on #71147

    Well I ended up with the Harp Porter’s Standard model and I really like it! it takes turns really well, it’s light weight and it’s very stable! Thanks for all your answers guys!

    jean-mac on #71148

    Can you transport an Odgen on it with the L&H cover on?

    keith-mclaughlin on #71149

    The email address for Keith has changed. Try mac439@q.com, he can give you more information.

    rod-wagoner on #71150

    I bought an American Harp Cart and it’s really a nice example of the two-wheeled variety.

    kreig-kitts on #71151

    I’ve also been using an American Harp Cart. It’s very easy to move, looks nice, and holds the harp very well. The tray doesn’t fold up which can make it trickier for transport if your vehicle space is tight.

    Also, the air-filled tires give the harp a great ride, though they do require

    Gretchen Cover on #71152


    kreig-kitts on #71153


    After some really tight fits due to my reliance on rentals for harp transport, I decided to plunk down and get a Harpo cart, and it arrived yesterday just in time for band rehearsal. While the idea of aluminum tubes

    Amanda on #220884

    I’m considering to buy a trolley for my harp but I’m not sure which one to choose. I possess a 40-string harp. Its pedals can’t be folded. On the internet I’ ve found an interesting offer on a German website https://www.harp-trolley.com. On several internet platforms I tried to find a field report to that offer but I couldn’t find any.
    I’ m asking if anyone of you has bought a harp trolley like the one on the German website?
    If you did, please, please give me your opinion and describe your experience. Considering the description, photos and videos it looks like this type of harp trolley is a very good one nevertheless I would like to get to know the opinion of someone who possesses that trolley.

    Jenny on #220916

    Dear Amanda
    I bought one of these. The trolley had been sent to me the next day after my order. Unfortunately, I had been waiting for three weeks until it arrives in the USA from Germany. I thought that I had have to pay customs but I was wrong. I’ m happy with my harp trolley because it is light. Its whole body is made of aluminium, it looks elegant and it fits to the harp perfectly. Everything what is written on the homepage harp-trolley.com is right.
    I used to think about buying the trolley with pneumatic wheels. But at least I bought unfoldable trolley with non-pneumatic wheels, which makes me totally content. So, I definitely recommend you this trolley. But you have to wait for three weeks until it arrives and you have to pay 35 Euros for the shipping.

    Amanda on #220938

    Hi Jenny
    thank you for your information.
    I think I will buy the German trolley.
    As soon as it arrives and I check it out by myself I will write some words about it.
    Greetings Amanda

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