Which exercises to pick?

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    cordi-jay on #141904

    Often we have only half hour or so to practice. How much of that time do you spend on exercises?

    Eric Allison on #141909

    With thirty minutes, no more than five minutes of scales, thirds, or fifths in the beginning, and another round to end the session. I play the day’s routine in various keys, raising one set of levers at a time, until the harp is in the key I need for the first piece. Then I repeat that process at the end of the session, lowering one set of levers a round, until they’re all down.

    Cindy Cripps-Prawak on #189113

    As a neophyte harpist, I just did my Grade 2, I drive my husband nuts working out new scales, triads, arppegios and then cherry on the cake, keep practicing the pieces for the exam. How do I mix it up so that he does not run away or try to lock me and harp in the closet for my practice sessions? (joking but almost not a couple of times)

    thanks in advance,


    MandyB on #195571


    I only joined this group today, and even though your post is 11 months old, seeing it made me smile, and think of my situation.

    My husband has “banned” me from playing a particular piece of harp music that shall remain nameless.  The solution to this practice issue was to allow him to buy an expensive pair of wireless headphones (with noise cancelling, not that what we play is noise, but you know what I mean), so he can wander around the house listening to his music while he does important things like washing the dishes.  Peace and serenity now reigns allowing different music to be played at once.


    Loonatik on #219036

    I don’t grind on scales, arpeggios and finger exercises. There are much nice things to play that help train technique at the same time.

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