price of new Delta harp?

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    Bill on #200887

    Does anyone know the price of the new Delta harp that was shown at NAMM? The price is not shown on their web site.

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    Biagio on #201056

    The Delta is made by Salvi; here’s the rather splashy introduction.  Purchasing info is at the bottom:



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    Bill on #201059

    Yes, I followed the links and there was no price. Only a button to send an email to “Contact a Specialist”. I guess I’ll try that and see if I get an answer.

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    Gretchen Cover on #201063

    Check out the Facebook site for Delta Harp. Masterclass coming up soon on how to play the Delta. The harp is made in London.  Will be interesting to find out how it compares with the DHC Lite.  And, no price anywhere.  Let us know, Bill.

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