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    Gretchen Cover on #217261

    Elegy for harp and strings by multiple Emmy winner composer Lee Holdridge. Also Ballet Fantasy for Strings and Harp by Lee Holdridge. Contact the composer for music. Rental.

    MusikFind1 on #217282

    More titles with publisher details.
    Editions by Dominique Piana

    Holý, Alfred (b Oporto, PT, 5 August 1866; d Vienna, 6 May 1948)
    Legend for harp and string quartet, ed. D. Piana
    Full score with separate harp and string parts, all included. For sale
    Pub. Editions Harpiana Publications

    Harpiana Publications

    Holý – Legend for harp and string quartet, ed. D. Piana

    Stix, Carl (b Vienna, 1860; d 1909)
    Legende, op. 141; Serious Piece for String Orchestra with Harp, ed. D. Piana
    Full Score (8 pp.) RR131 For sale
    Harp Part: (4 pp.) RR132 Difficulty: 5. For sale
    String Parts: RR133 For sale
    Pub. Editions Harpiana Publications

    Stix, C. – Legende, Serious Piece for String Orchestra with Harp, ed. D. Piana, Full Score

    Program note:
    [originally published by Johann André in Offenbach am Main in 1896 with organ]
    Legende, Op 141, Carl Stix, 2015 08 08 LASYO Livermore Amador Symphony Youth Orch

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #218059

    You asked about pieces for strings and harp. That is a very popular category for 20th century composers. If you can find an old printed catalog from ASCAP or BMI, you can read through them for pieces with that instrumentation, or ask a music librarian who can access a database that sorts by instrumentation (I think orchestral librarians have this).
    Romanze by Leo Weiner is for solo cello, soloistic harp and strings. It’s challenging and beautiful.
    Notturno by Irving Fine for harp/strings is rather well-known.
    There are hundreds more, but it takes some searching to find them. You can also look in the catalogs of Lou Harrison and Alan Hovhaness for such works.

    emma-graham on #218068

    I was introduced to these two by the harpist Eleanor Turner. Rise by Ben Rimmer and Haven by Alie Robertson…

    Gretchen Cover on #218087

    Emma, I know Rise by Rimmer is published but is Haven by Robertson available?

    emma-graham on #218091

    I’m not sure Gretchen. The composer’s contact page via her website is here. It might be worth dropping her a message to see if is available. The harpist is Eleanor Turner. I might be seeing her tomorrow so if I get the chance I will ask her.

    MusikFind1 on #218734

    An up-date of the Nieweg Chart: Harp with strings (2018) is attached.
    It is also posted on the website SOLC – Symphony Orchestra Library Center in the right hand Chart column.
    Thanks to all who sent in titles and details.


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