Camac Bardic 27 as first harp?

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    wil-weten on #219059

    Congratulations, Sarva. The Camac Bardic 27 is a great choice!

    As you can’t see the links, look at my last message above. These are the two links which I will now show without them being clickable.

    Perhaps you can’t see the links because you use a browser which blocks java script. Or maybe you look at this side from your i-pad? Anyway, you may like to try and look at this forum with another browser and/or from another laptop or smartphone.

    Edit: now I see that even when I don’t use the codes to make the links clickable, the software still makes them clickable….

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    Biagio on #219066

    Wonderful news Sarva, and I am especially happy that there may be a teacher near you! Brian Boru is a nice piece to begin learning; it lends itself to many different accompaniment patterns.

    Thank you Wil for recommending the Yahoo! group Virtual Harp Circle. This group was started specifically for new lever harpers, although we now have players of virtually every kind of harp and every level, even a few harp makers.

    As an owner and moderator I hope to see you joining us, Sarva! This is a restricted group, meaning that we ask that people who wish to join tell us why; we do this to try to screen out scammers. But don’t worry – I’ll recognize your name:-)


    emma-graham on #219073

    Brilliant news. Congratulations. x

    balfour-knight on #219079

    Wonderful news, Sarva–congratulations on choosing the Bardic! It is a great little harp and you cannot go wrong with a Camac!
    Best of luck to you,

    Alison on #219257

    The Bardic 27 is a sturdy little harp with thankfully nylon and carbon fibre strings so I hope it will put up with being in a warm car as it’s an ideal size for taking on holiday.

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