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Boston, MA, United States
1 Cambridge Street Boston Massachusetts 02114 US

program includes: improv. orchestra, symphony orchestra, Broadway orchestra, world string ensemble, video game orchestra, chamber music, jazz groups, Berklee Global Jazz Institute, jazz harp ensemble, internships

Type of School
Music and Arts Degrees Offered
Bachelor of Music, Master of Music, Master of Arts, Artist Diploma or Certificate
Harp instructors:
Felice Pomeranz, Maeve Gilchrist
Number of harp students enrolled in 2014-15:
Lessons available for non-majors?
Harp minor offered?
Number of school harps:
Space provided for personal harps?
Music and Arts Degrees Offered
More Music and Arts Degrees Offered
Type of School
Lessons available for non-majors?
Harp minor offered?
Boston, MA, United States 0 mi
program includes: orchestra, chamber music, harp pedagogy, literature and ensemble, historical ha...
Boston, MA, United States 0 mi
Program includes: studio, orchestra, music theory, music history, harp repertoire, chamber music
8 Fenway, Boston, MA, United States 1.86 mi
program includes preparation for: solo recitals, competitions, chamber music, orchestra, opera/mu...
Cambridge, MA, United States 2.76 mi
program includes: orchestra, jazz, pedagogy, chamber music, early music, Dalcroze Eurythmics
Storrs, Mansfield, CT, United States 71.98 mi
The UConn Department of Music has a proud tradition of preparing future performers, composers, an...
South Hadley, MA, United States 77.77 mi
Program includes: orchestra, jazz, chamber
New London, CT, United States 87.66 mi
Serious about music … serious about the liberal arts        Our department of music seeks t...
Hartford, CT, United States 93.04 mi
program includes: orchestra, chamber music, pedagogy, orchestral harp studies
Gorham, ME, United States 96.31 mi
program includes: orchestra, concert band, chamber music, harp ensemble, pedagogy
Middletown, CT, United States 98.63 mi
The Wesleyan University Music Department provides a unique and pioneering environment for advance...
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