Augustana College

217 15th Street Rock Island Illinois 61201 US

Program includes: orchestra, symphonic band, concert band, chamber music, vocal ensemble accompanying, solo recitals, tours with large ensembles (regional, national, and international), harp pedagogy, harp literature, and harp ensemble

Type of School
Music and Arts Degrees Offered
Bachelor of Arts
Harp instructors:
Erin Freund
Number of harp students enrolled in 2017-2018
Lessons available for non-majors?
Harp minor offered?
Number of school harps:
Space provided for personal harps?
This program is best suited for students who ________.
are well-rounded students and strong musicians
What sets this program apart from others is ________.
its supportive atmosphere, strong academics, and variety of ensemble opportunities
Students who graduate from this school go on to ________.
grad school in harp or in another academic area
The three words that best describe this school's environment are ________.
supportive, variety, quality