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program includes: orchestra, chamber music, harp ensemble, symphonic winds
San Luis Obispo, CA, United States
Program includes: orchestra, wind orchestra, band, jazz ensembles, chamber music, vocal ensembles...
program includes: jazz, world music, improvisation, classical, contemporary, baroque, chamber mus...
program includes: chamber music, jazz, contemporary, improvisation, composition
The music program includes: glee club, chorus, orchestra, chamber music, jazz ensemble, and conce...
Program includes: orchestra, chamber music, and solo performances
San Francisco, CA, United States
The Conservatory’s Harp Department comprises less than five students under the instruction ...
San Francisco, CA, United States
program includes: orchestra, choral, chamber music, jazz, world music, pedagogy, composition, mus...
program includes: orchestra, opera, chamber music
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Redlands, CA, United States
In the School of Music our goal is to educate the whole musician, not just to train a performer. ...
Program includes: orchestra, chamber music, solo and community orchestra opportunities
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