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Finally ready to buy a harp! But...

  • Michael
    Michael H

        Let's start with a little story! I got into music a tad late, you could say. I've always been extremely interested in it but whenever I looked at an instrument everyone would tell me it was "too hard"...Anyway, years later, I started music class in grade nine (there were no instrument at the two previous schools I've attended, except for maybe bells attached to a plastic ring...!) and I was one of the worst ones in the class! The pattern repeated into grade ten and finally by grade eleven and twelve I was better (and a key player in band!).

    Anyway, the whole time, I've always been really interested in the harp and for the past five years, I've been researching all about them, I know for sure it's instrument for me! Sadly, I've made this decision without actually getting to PLAY a harp (save for a little Pakistani model, which to be fair, sounded like hell.). Well, good news for me! I've finally saved up enough money for my first level harp!

    I'm looking at either getting the Ravenna 34 or an Ogden from Lyon and Healy...Does anyone have any experience with either or both harps? What can you tell me about them? Mind you, when I'm older (and when I win the lottery), I'll probably be getting a pedal harp.

    I know the best thing I can do at this point would be to phone the nearest harp outlet (in my case it would be Vixen Harps, because I am from Ontario) and book an appointment to see the showroom. But I would love to hear from you first!

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    • Jennifer
      Jennifer Buehler

      They're both nice harps.  But if you're planning to play pedal someday, I'd suggest the Ogden.  It feels more like a pedal harp because it has gut strings and concert spacing and tension.   

      Things I like better about the Ravenna is that it has threaded bridge pins (easier for adjusting levers) and the drop down leg.  You can get different heights of legs though for the Ogden.



    • Briggsie B.
      Briggsie B. Peawiggle, Esq.

      Michael, are you anywhere near London? There's a fairly new harp shop called The Harp Nest. I have met the owner, and she is a very nice woman.



    • Michael
      Michael H

      No, sadly. I'm from Sudbury, so the closest place (as far as I'm aware of!) is in Ottawa. Nice to know there's an increasing number of harperies opening up, though! Also, the place in Ottawa has pedal harps! I'm hoping the owner will let me get my grubby little hands on one of them...Although, I have tend to have bad luck, what if I accidentally tip it over and destroy it? Ouf, I'm too nervous.

      The extendable leg feature in the Ravenna certainly looks interesting, I've seen it in action on a video. But I'm happy the Ogden has optional legs. 

    • Fairy
      Fairy Reel

      Ok, isn't the Ogden short? I'd look into a Prelude or a Troub before the Ogden if you're serious about approaching pedals.

      And personally, I don't like Ravennas. But that is just me.

      You'll love it. I'd definitely book an appointment, as this is also a great time to start picking out sheet music. Have fun, ok? Be excited! Jump up and down! Welcome to our crazy world.


    • Jennifer
      Jennifer Buehler

      Not with the optional legs.  And it's a ton cheaper than the prelude or even the troub and weighs about half as much.



    • Michael
      Michael H

      Well, with the way things are going, I probably won't be getting the harp during the summer. Maybe sometime in September though...But by then I might have enough for a Troubadour! Whoopee!

      But I have a few more questions...What kind of extras will I need to purchase? The case/bag is mandatory...Will I need to buy a proper stool and stand? No doubt I'll purchase some music while I'm there too. Will I need to buy an extra set of strings right away? And lately I'm hearing talk of "humidifiers" is this an absolute must have for the harp?

      This is just so I can budget in advance!

    • Unknown
      Unknown User

      There are many unnecessary accessories out there. You need a tuning key, a tuning fork or device, a metronome, a bench, and a humidifier if your house is very dry in the winter. And music and a stand. That's about it. And a teacher. I know a good one in Toronto. I have actually been in Sudbury.

    • Kathleen
      Kathleen Elarte

      Hello Michael,

      Nice to make your acquaintance. This is Kathy Elarte of Vixen Harps in Ottawa.  We are in the throes of opening a dedicated harp store in Toronto, ON as well, called Harp Beats, in the exclusive Beaches area of Toronto (1-1/2 blocks from Lake ON)...and we are very excited about it.

      We are also the "official" dealers of Lyon & Healy Harps in Ontario and can sell you either a Dusty Ravenna and/or an Ogden or any other harp you may wish. We have many harps from many harpmakers in our studio. We sell Rees, Tripletts, Lewiscreek, Cunningham, R harps, Camacs, LH, Salvi to name a few. We deal with most distributors from the USA, Italy & France. We have many harps in stock, and are the largest harp dealer in Canada for pedal and lever harps.  At present, we did manage to get one more Prelude Harp at the sale price of $3960 (in ebony with gold feet). That one is available for you to test-play anytime.  Pls do make an appointment with me as I personally manage both locations and travel back/forth.  We also stock a large "used" harp selection and have many in stock as well. So, Michael, I'm just waiting to hear from you and am eager to help you on your journey towards a happy and joyful future with the harp. If you want me to call you, please email me privately and I'll call you. Otherwise you can reach me at 613-241-1789.  I presently spend the most time in Ottawa since that is my home, but am available at either location for you.  Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you for thinking of Vixen Harps!

    • Michael
      Michael H

      Yes I saw pictures of your showroom and I was immediately anxious to visit.

      I'll contact you when I find out a date that's convenient for everyone in the family (we're planning a little trip to Ottawa!). My guess would be sometime in the second half of September!