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Harp camps??

  • Elena K.
    Elena K. Pohl

    Can anyone recommend a good harp camp for the summer of 2008?  I have a
    young student (age 12) who's just started out in the past 6 months and
    she's a whiz kid.  Her mom bought her a small folk harp and asked me
    about camps for her.  I would love to get any suggestions....we live in
    NC but I'm sure the mom will travel with her daughter anywhere in the
    US...last summer they took her to Boston for a MENSA conference, to
    give you insight into how smart she is!  Any ideas??

    replies to "Harp camps??"
    • Unknown
      Unknown User

      Sounds like my son.  Age 12, started out 6 months ago, but has learned an amazing amount.  I am also looking for summer camps in 2008 for him. We live in College Park, MD.

      I have troubles getting to work on time, because he plays then and I can't leave.  He has a Paraguayan harp, strung like a Keltic harp.  It has a wonderful tone!

    • Alix
      Alix Raspe

      I definitely recommend Interlochen Summer Arts Camp in Michigan for the harp, it was a great experience and I'm sure your student will love it. It is a long travel to get there, but worth it. She will probably be in the Intermediate division- for her age group. Ensemble in the morning and orchestra in the afternoon. You do not have to bring your harp there. You do have to send in an audition tape, and I am not sure if it is too late to apply this year.
      I also recommend Elyrica Harp and Flute Camp- a harp and flute camp.
      Look into those camps, and I am sure your student will love them.

    • Patricia
      Patricia Jaeger

      Elena, there is an excellent list of harp camps all over the U.S., with tuition costs, dates, age limits if any, and much more. It was done in Harp Column magazine, volume  14, issue 4, with Henry Fanelli on the cover, January/February 2006. Of course they can't do this every year; that's a lot of work for the magazine to do. Anyway, perhaps you would prefer not to attend a camp that had no track record, and just began to operate this year! E-mail: krowe@harpcolumn.com , the editor, and ask the price of a reprint of that article by Nadia Noor that starts on page 34. You'll be so glad you did; there is no other place to get all that important imformation. Happy camping for your daughter!

    • Unknown
      Unknown User

      My daughter is 12 (in Aug) and has been playing the harp since age 5 as a Suzuki student.  She will be attending a harp program in August through the Southwestern Ontario Suzuki Institute at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.  The camp includes individual lessons, group lessons, solo performances, concert performances, and other opportunities (Percussion lessons, different  workshops, children's performance in musical theatre, barndance, etc.).The harp teacher at this camp is Marie Lorcini who studied with Grandjanay.  She is a very accomplished harpist and a great teacher with years of experience.

      This likely wouldn't be appropriate for your student, however I thought I'd reply in case others are reading this post.


    • Maeve
      Maeve Alterio

      I am 14 and have been playing the harp for 7 years. I live in MA, but went to a harp camp in Seattle. best camp ever. its name is Pacific Harp Institute. I loved it! the pedal harp program was amazing, there is also a lever harp part.
      hope i helped

    • Unknown
      Unknown User

      there are2 very good summer harp camps in Ireland  they run for 5 days


    • Unknown
      Unknown User

      I'll second the recommendation for Pacific Harp Institute.  My daughter, Nicole, has gone the past two years and has loved it.  You can get more information here: Pacific Harp Institute Summer Sessions

    • Saul
      Saul Davis Zlatkovski

      I am investigating starting a summer program.

      How far would you travel?

      What is the longest you would stay if possible? (I think in terms of 6-8 weeks)

      How cool or warm should it be in the area?

      Does it need to be on or near water?

      In a vacation area, urban area, or isolated rural area?

      A retreat center, boarding school, campus, or deserted summer camp?

      Meals included or make your own?

      Parents included or on your own?

      Would you come if you were not allowed to bring electronic devices, if all you could do was practice, read books, write letters, play games, go to concerts, listen to music?

      What's the most you could pay per week for everything?

    • Unknown
      Unknown User

      hi patricia

                      its brendan from www.howardharps.com there are excellent harp summer schools here in Ireland look up camps an my web site

      happy new year