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Handel Harp Concerto

  • J
    J R

    Ok, I am trying to track down exactly which version of the Handel Harp Concerto I am supposed to learn for an upcoming performance at the end of Jan. I have already learned the Lawrence version. The best information I can find about this arrangement is that the publisher is Breitkopf and Hartel. I played two excerpts from it, and found that it seemed much more simplistic with fewer notes. I would appreciate any help!

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    • Saul
      Saul Davis Zlatkovski

      Your post is unclear. Why can't you perform what you know? It will fit with the orchestration in exactly the same way. The original score only gives the melody and bass, which is only the bare bones. One does not only play those lines, you are expected to complete the harmonies according to the figured bass, and add something to that as well in baroque practice. Only a competition could specify a particular edition, seems to me.