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Hasselmans Gondoliera op. 39

  • Andy
    Andy B

    I've recently purchased this music, and would love to find a recording of it. I'm not having any luck, though. Is anyone aware of a recording, or have tips on learning this piece? I can't even find it on youtube. Any help would be appreciated!

    Thanks, Andy

    replies to "Hasselmans Gondoliera op. 39"
    • Andy
      Andy B

      Just bumping this back up; still not having any luck finding a recording or anyone familiar with this piece. I haven't started seriously working on it yet, due to some other projects, but hope to get around to it soon.


    • Barbara
      Barbara Brundage

      Wanna wait for shipping?


      (It's on the CD 'The Fountain' by Louise Johnson)

    • Andy
      Andy B

      Barbara, you are amazing! Thank you so much!


    • Jerusha
      Jerusha Amado


      I love some of Hasselmans' work, particularly "Guitare" and "Feuilles d'Automne".  Have you had time to sightread "Gondoliera" at all?  Does it sound similar to the works that I just mentioned?  (They have a somewhat dark/sad quality to them.)


    • Mr.
      Mr. S

      Andy , i love Hasselmans music so much, but really dont know why famouse harpist dont record or play his music on their recordings, i amm looking for ballade by him .

    • Sherry
      Sherry Lenox

      "Petite Berceuse" was the first REAL GROWN UP piece I worked on, and I still find it amazing that so much beautiful sound could be put into a little piece that is so simple.

      My teacher always points out that Hasselman's music is totally harpistic.