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  • Misty
    Misty Harrison

    has anyone played Taheke by Gareth Farr? how hard is it? did you like it?

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    • Elizabeth
      Elizabeth Volpé Bligh

      I haven't played it, but there is a good recording by Trio Verlaine.

    • Misty
      Misty Harrison

      I have the Trio Verlaine recording but it doesn't sound like the page. Have you compared the recording to the music?

    • C
      C Mills

      Hi Misty,

      I have played Taheke many times, and also recorded it.  It is a difficult piece!  Especially the last movement which is very fast and technical.  However it is really beautiful and audiences love it, so it's worth the effort.  If you are interested in hearing my newly-released recording, you can find it here: 


      Good luck and enjoy!  Carolyn Mills

    • Jerusha
      Jerusha Amado

      I haven't played it (am not at that level in pedal harp) but have heard a live performance of it.  It's a stunning piece of music!