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violin and harp weddings

  • Misty
    Misty Harrison

    any recommendations for violin/harp music for weddings and receptions?

    replies to "violin and harp weddings"
    • Lisa
      Lisa Fenwick

      Meditation from Thais and anything from Brock harp and flute wedding book.


    • Misty
      Misty Harrison

      thanks Lisa that's a big help

      any pop stuff for the reception that you know about?

    • joan
      joan steinberg

      The Bach-Gounod Ave Maria  is nice with harp and violin.
      As far as popular music is concerned, any piano/vocal arrangements can be used, as long as they're ok for the harp.

    • Barbara
      Barbara Kraichy

      I work regularly with a vioinist as a duo.  We use alot of violin-piano music such as the Vivaldi Violin Concerto. Also Daniel Burton has alot of Harp and Flute arrangements. Most of the Flute and Harp music works with violin insread of flute.

      As mentioned for receptions, just sheet music and make up harp accompaniment. We like to do Tangos also. Ron has made alot of arrangements of the piano music to work on harp.

      I prefer to work with a violinist. It's more fun than schlepping the harp by yourself and being shoved in a corner by yourself! Even with two people, if you have an outdoor wedding, where weather and wind is an issue you have help keeping the music from blowing away or keeping the harp from falling over.

    • Michael
      Michael Steadman

      Here are a few I like to play:

      Tournier - Deux Preludes Romantiques
      Faure - Berceuse
      Faure - Sicilienne
      Saint-Saens - Le Cygne (Salzedo arrangement)
      Satie - Gymnopedies


    • Misty
      Misty Harrison


    • Saul
      Saul Davis Zlatkovski

      A jazz waltz is always a hit if you can find some. Take Five is one example, though technically not a waltz.