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Mr. S and Family?

  • Unknown
    Unknown User

    I'm not a facebook member - how are Basel and his family doing?  I listen to NPR and the news is just dismal - is there anything we can do to help him and his family through this dreadful time? 

    replies to " Mr. S and Family?"
    • Elizabeth
      Elizabeth Volpé Bligh

      I was thinking the same thing. I wonder whether the mail is even being delivered in Syria, or whether it endangers people to be in touch with Westerners. I have no idea how the family is surviving. Basel has a Facebook group in which he posts all kinds of interesting tidbits about harpists and composers. He is also on "chat" from time to time.

    • Tony
      Tony Morosco

      He's been posting on facebook, although most of his posts are not in English so I don't know what he is actually saying. But he is alive and apparently well as can be expected at the moment.