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Camac Clio Straight?

  • I Love
    I Love Harps!

    I am considering buying a used Camac Clio straight. I did not go to see it yet, because i wanted to hear what others might have to say about it. How does it compare with Lyon&Healy and Salvi models? How does the sound compare to an extended soundboard? Would this harp be good for a young harpist to use for the next several years?

    Thank you!

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    replies to "Camac Clio Straight? "
    • Kay
      Kay Lister

      Hi ILH,

      The extended soundboard will give a better sound for obvious reasons.  If you are uncertain as to which to buy, and you stated that it is for a young harpist, you might consider checking into a bounty program.  That way you can start out with a semi-grand and/or a straight soundboard and then trade up after a period of time if the need for "more" harp comes about.  I know the L&H folks offer a bounty program, not sure about Camac.  The Clio is a fine harp as well and I think either would be a good choice.  I have the L&H 85E Concertino, and the Clio was in the running when I was shopping.  I decided I wanted 47 strings and I LOVED the sound of the Concertino.  Good luck!


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    • Jessica
      Jessica Wolff

      I like straight soundboards.

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    • Kreig
      Kreig Kitts

      I played on a used straight soundboard Clio the Virginia Harp Center brought to the Mid-Atlantic festival this spring (not sure if it's the one they still have on their web site), and really liked the tone it had. It was a very pretty sound and if I'd been on the market for a pedal harp I might have bought that one to have a nice sounding, portable instrument. The bass wasn't quite as lively as a larger harp, though I thought that might be more to the instrument's height. One plus of the Clio is it's just a few inches shorter and has better harpmobile flexibility, but the shorter bass wires just don't pop as well as the longer ones IMO. The middle range was really nice and open, and my right hand gets along very well with the top range on Camac harps. On some harps I can barely get my hands in at the top and have to stick my fingers straight in and plink away at the last couple strings.



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    • Deb
      Deb L

      I love the picture of the straight Camac Clio on the Virginia Harpcenter website.  It's a gorgeous looking instrument.  I know there's a lot of fuss about the extended boards but I'm not sure I would want the additional volume when playing in a home setting, I don't want to drown out conversation, and they are more difficult to move around.  I do hope you'll let us know if you get the Clio so I can live vicariously through you :0)

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