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Driving Cross Country w/ L&H Troub.

  • J
    J Y

    I'm having my car shipped from WA to NY.  I really want my Troub VI here w/ me on the East coast.  It would be cost effective for me to put my harp in the car and have it shipped w/ the car .... The moving company agreed to do it, and even said that it would be safe.  What do you think?  The harp won't be going through massive temperature changes, but it will be cold.  Should I do this?

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    • Kay
      Kay Lister

      J Y

      Twice now, my son has shipped his car from coast to coast and had it LOADED with "stuff".  All arrived perfectly safe both times.  My concern would definately be the temperature issue.  In any case, if you do this I would get it insured for replacement value, making sure that it is understood by whoomever endorses the coverage, the circumstances (just in case).



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    • harp
      harp guy

      See, that's something I'm wondering too. I'm moving from the east coast to Los Angeles this summer, and I haven't the slightest idea on how to move my two harps (both lever), and an antique (109 years old) upright cabinet grand piano.

      I know that I could probably put the piano and my furniture in a portable storage unit and have it shipped. But the harps? That's a mystery still....

      If anyone has any ideas I too would be interested in hearing them.

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    • Kate
      Kate Hopkins

      While this does not apply directly, i think it may have some helpful information. I travel throughout the year between PA, MI and FL. My most recent travel was PA to FL. My troub IV travels with me, by truck. This trip was a concern because of the temp change and the fact that the harp would not be inside the truck, but loaded into the bed. Temp in PA was around 38 when I left and near 68 in FL. My preparations included tuning the harp down a day ahead of time, once it was adjusted...I placed the normal canvas cover on then used a basic sleeping bag over that. (A trick I learned from a local harp maker), once this was done, the harp ws packed into the original shipping box and filled with packing foam and peanuts. (I also pack all the garbage bags that I store the packing stuff into the box). Once filled, the box is secured closed and I place it into our partially heated garage to reduce the temp slowly. The garage is about 45- 55 degrees, depending on outside temps. the next day the box is fully wrapped into a sheet of plastic and securely taped to prevent any water from rain (it will also be tarped..but, better safe then sorry). It and all of our other items are packed into the bed of our large pickup and off we go. Because of the nature of the drive, the upward temp change is fairly slow as we travel south, on arrival, I leave the harp in the box for at least 12 hours. I unpack it and allow 24 hours before I begin the process of tuning. the tuning is done over up to two days.

      At this point, the harp has done this trip from north to south and back north again, now south. There are no cracks, grazing and the only strings I have ever lost were ones due for replacement...I always hold off if I know the harp will be traveling unless it is absolutely necessary.

      Hope there is some helpful info from my experience.

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