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looking for a book

  • Frank
    Frank Pianki

    Hi folks, does anyone have a copy of Laurie Riley's book: Body, Mind & Music they would sell? thanks. Frank

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    replies to "looking for a book"
    • Richard
      Richard Hagan

      Frank --

      It is available through her website.  http://laurieriley.com/books.htm



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    • Frank
      Frank Pianki

      Thanks. I may end up buying a copy from her. However, I've just ordered my first harp (Stoney End Brittany-22) and I thought I'd check first and see if anyone had a used copy just gathering dust that they might want to sell. I've been married for almost 38 years and I'd like to make it to 40! My wife was okay with the harp purchase, even though as a classical/fingerstyle guitarist, I have several very expensive instruments in the house,

      As the old adage goes "If Momma ain't happy, nobody's happy!"


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