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gut vs.nylon - regulation change?

  • Barbara
    Barbara Chapman

    I string my harps to the top in gut strings, but am considering changing 1st and 2nd octave to nylon to get through a long series of upcoming outdoor concerts. Does the regulation of the instrument change with string change? thanks, Barbara

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    replies to "gut vs.nylon - regulation change?"
    • Catherine
      Catherine Rogers

      Yes, it will, but it might not be too bad. If you can get a regulation after the change, that would be ideal.

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    • Carl
      Carl Swanson

      If the new strings are close to the same diameter, it shouldn't cause any change. Regulating a harp with old strings in the first and second octaves, particularly old nylon strings can cause problems, because the old nylons in all likelihood have pits in the string where the disc closes on it. Once you change the string, the new string is much thicker because it has no pit in it.

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