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Lyon & Healy Style 85 Grand Petite

  • Cyndee
    Cyndee Casey

    I have been playing lever harp for 8 years now and recently tried my teachers pedal harp, a Lyon & Healy 23 (too big for me to learn on) which I just loved. So I am looking for a smaller 3/4 or semi grand size pedal harp and my budget is $11,000.00 - 13,000.00. I have been looking on L & H CPO and have seen a Style 85 Grand Petite and also a Style 85 Petite Extended. The one person I spoke with about the Grand Petite locally said that they did not like the sound of the ones that they had actually heard in person. I live in Southern California and it is almost impossible to find a used pedal harp here and the only one I can see new in my budget is the Chicago 40 which I did try out and it seemed small and I think I would prefer a better model used. Does any one have this model and could tell me the pros and cons of it. I really like the size of this model and it has 44 strings which is more than adequate for my needs. My option is to go to Chicago to try them in person if it gets good recommendations. I appreciate any information as pedal harp is all new to me and I want to make the right decision on this purchase.

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    • Briggsie B.
      Briggsie B. Peawiggle, Esq.

      I have never heard a Chicago....but the L&H GP extended I heard live sounded absolutely wonderful to me. I heard it in a concert hall with flute and piano. It was the Mozart flute/harp concerto with a grand piano playing the orchestra part, and truly it sounded just wonderful.

      You should go to Chicago if you can and try the harps, and then pick one that sounds good to you.

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    • Patricia
      Patricia Jaeger

      Cyndee, A Lyon and Healy style 14, no longer made, has been for sale exactly one year in the Classified, Pedal Harp, category on this site. Perhaps the seller would compromise since it has not sold,  and reduce his asking price just slightly to fit your budget. I have one of these models and it suits all my playing needs, as to portability(56 pounds!), good tone, and hardly any maintenance. Wish you could give it a try!

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    • Janice
      Janice Hunter

      You might want to check out Carl Swanson's website.

      He has several smaller used pedal harps for sale and they have been restored and regulated so they are ready to go. 

      The link is:


      Hope this helps!

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    • Shannon Heather
      Shannon Heather O'Brien Wall

      Have you looked into the Salvi Harps? I believe that they own Lyon and Healy, (I might be wrong). They have one called a Daphne. The woods that they use are beautiful. They have a site in Los Angeles. It might be worth a try!

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    • Tony
      Tony Morosco

      I have an 85P. I don't know how significantly different it sounds from the GP or the extended, but it sounds great. I have had a few professional harpists, including one of the harpists from the San Francisco Symphony, tell me it has a really nice tone and a big voice.

      I'm very happy with  mine.

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    • Linden
      Linden Lin

      Hi Cyndee, if you go to their channel, they do sound samples of various harps. The 85 Grand Petite sounds pretty to me.


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    • Unknown
      Unknown User

      Hi Cydnee,

      I am in Moorpark,CA, near Thousand Oaks, and I have an 85 Petit Lyon and Healy that I love but no longer have time to play. I think the sound is imperssive given the size, but if you're still looking for a harp or know someone who is, you're welcome to come try mine! I am offering it for 8,000 negotiable. Please contact me at jessica_harpist@yahoo.com

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