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YouTube Video Finale!

  • Christian
    Christian Frederick

    Hello harp friends.... I thought I would share with you the last three videos of my September concert...... please enjoy....

    1) The first is "Part B" of concert endings. Both piano and harp, ending with a movie-style trailer with original music from "With Feeling".


    2) Harp solo of original composition "Vaya":


    3) Video clips.... including three tunes on harp from my Phantom Of The Opera medley, Harlem Stride piano Keepin' Out Of Mischief Now, etc., and ending with the most famous pop/country piano solo "Last Date" by Floyd Cramer:


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    replies to "YouTube Video Finale!"
    • Cheryl
      Cheryl Z.

      Hi Christian,

      Enjoyed the videos very much.  Your own compositions are very nice.  Still love those beautiful harmonics.  They are so rich and full in sound. 


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    • Christian
      Christian Frederick

      Thank you Cheryl...

      Now I'm trying to figure which videos to leave on YouTube and which ones to remove for now. I've also got three more hours of video to edit in the near future.

      Happy Holidays!

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    • Michaela
      Michaela Braveman

      BRAVO...BRAVO...BRAVO, Christian, on all three videoclips!

      My vote is to leave them all on YouTube. They are spectacular to watch and an inspiration for all of us!


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    • Christian
      Christian Frederick

      Thank you Michaela....

      Reviewing the raw video was a very educational experience... revealing things I need to work on. Oh the nerves, which affects my speaking tone, has a negative affect on tempos when the nerves kick up, etc. But also, I had no idea how many times I scratched my nose and learned there is no need to thank the audience for the applause after each tune. It becomes redundant after three or four times. A gracious bow is enough.

      Thanks to all again for the nice compliments.

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