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Bernard Andres information please

  • Ruth
    Ruth Harper

    Since I do not take lessons, I learn about harp music from sites like
    this.  As well as playings several other selections, I got a copy
    Bernard Andres Automates and
    have started to play Pavanne.  I must admit, I play it rather slowly as
    it takes me a long time to learn anything but have found this to be a
    very interesting selection to learn to play. 

    In searching for
    information about this composer,  I  find things in French.  Would
    someone kindly tell me more about this fellow as well as about his
    book.  Any information would be greatly appreciated.

    Also, if
    there is any advice you could offer to help me learn this piece, that
    would be appreciated.  Maybe I'm well out of my league in attempting to
    play Pavanne and I will not be insulted if you tell me that too.

    God bless - PTL

    When you learn a new tune, you have a friend for life - Melody

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    replies to "Bernard Andres information please"
    • Carl
      Carl Swanson

      Ruth- If you can show me the stuff in French you've found on him, I could probably translate it for you.

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    • Sylvia
      Sylvia O

      Hi Ruth

      Here is a link that gives some information. 


      I recently went to a concert by Isabelle Perrin where she played some of Bernard Andres lovely pieces.  Isabelle has also recorded a CD of Bernard Andres music.

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    • Richard
      Richard Hagan

      Hi Ruth --

      As far as working on Pavanne, you might be interested in the 3 CD collection titled "Pieces Faciles pour Harpe" with Catherine Michel.  She plays all the sections to Bernard Andres' Automates on Vol. II.  (She plays quite a few of Andres's compositions on Volumes I and II.  The series is intended for students to be able to hear easy pieces played and to use the recording as a model for learning the pieces. 

      Along the same lines, Xavier de Maistre has recorded a two volume set titled "Pieces pour Harpe".  This set is published by Vanderbilt Music.

      The Isabelle Perrin album devoted to music by Andres does not include Automates.  It does have notes in both French and in English.

      Then for real inspiration, Sarah Bullen on her album "The Essential Harp" includes the  Dances d'Automne. Her playing of the six dances is stunningly beautiful.  (Well, the entire album is one wonderful piece after another.)

      All Best Regards,



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    • Barbara
      Barbara Brundage

      Then for real inspiration, Sarah Bullen on her album "The Essential Harp" includes the Dances d'Automne.

      These are also on the Isabelle Perrin Andres CD.

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      CHATELAIN Nathalie


      I have also recorded a lot of pieces from Andrès in my 3 cds book's name ABC de la Harpe. I have recorded all the pieces you learn from the beginning until 5-6 years. I think that you can ordered this CD in the US.

      It is a really good CDs with all easies pieces from Bernard Andrès.

      I hope you will find this cd.

      Nathalie CHATELAIN www.nathaliechatelain.com

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    • Hannah
      Hannah Roberts Brockow

      Hi Ruth,
      Bernard Andrès is a French composer who learned the harp (as an adult - isn't that inspiring to those of us who learned as adults?) so that he could write for the instruments.
      I enthusiastically recommend his two wonderful books for beginners, Marelles 1 and 2. Even if you are past that level, they are beautiful and intelligent pieces that sound great and people love hearing.

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