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Salvi Daphne 40 or Lyon and Healy 85P

  • Unknown
    Unknown User

    I like a warm,mellow sound which I have heard the Salvi Daphne 40 has. Does anyone have experience with that harp? Whay about the L&H 85P? I live far from all the dealers to test them out. Thanks. Paul

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    • Sherry
      Sherry Gardner

      Paul, if you're near Colorado, you could come play my L & H 85 Petite. I'd describe the sound as clear, warm, and rich. It also happens to be for sale, for orthopedic reasons -- mine, not the harp's.

      Sherry Gardner

    • Jessica
      Jessica Frost

      Hi Paul, I own a Salvi Daphne 40 (with straight soundboard) that I've had for about 12 years.  Even when it was brand new people commented on how nice the sound was.  It has a really nice rich, warm sound and it's a big sound for such a small harp.  My first public performance with it was playing the Dittersdorf Concerto with a large youth orchestra and no one had any problems hearing me.  As the years have gone by it's still got a great great sound.  I use it for studio teaching and many of my students purchase the Daphne when they move up from lever harps.

      I also own a Lyon and Healy 85 semi-grand and a 23 so I don't give one brand preference over the other.  The Daphne was the first harp I got after playing the LH Troubadour because I was small for my age and Lyon and Healy (at the time) didn't offer the 85P.  I really think the Daphne is a wonderful instrument and would recommend it highly.  Although I have heard that there have been changes in the product since I got mine in 1995, so you'd want to find out more about that.  I have never owned a LH85P but I have played a friend's GP and even though it had the extended soundboard I thought my Daphne would outplay it any day in terms of tone, warmth of sound, and sheer volume.  But I also don't know much about where she purchased the harp from (it was used prior to her getting it).  I really think that you need to play the individual harps though because there are so many small differences from harp to harp.

    • Unknown
      Unknown User

      How much are you selling your harp for? I live in S.C. Thanks. Paul

    • Unknown
      Unknown User

      Thanks so much for your info. I live in S.C. which is far from all the dealers. I heard an audio on the internet of a Salvi Daphne 44 and one of a Salvi Orchestra which I really liked. My Thormahlen lever harp has a mellow sound, but I would like to trade up to a pedal harp. Have you ever heard of Thormahlen? Paul

    • Barbara
      Barbara Brundage

      Paul, you're not that far from Richmond. Take a day, get up early and drive up there, if you possibly can. VA Harp Center carries all the different brands, so you can compare side by side. (I'd give them a call to be sure they have the models you want to see in stock).

      You're a heck of a lot closer to all the dealers than I am (S FL). :)

    • Kay
      Kay Lister

      Hi Paul - I have a Thormahlen Swan and I absolutely LOVE it.  It has a very deep, rich, full sound. Dave and Sharon Thormahlen are wonderful to deal with!


    • Unknown
      Unknown User

      Thanks for the info. Va. Harp Center said they have neither of these harps in stock. They did not mention if or when they would be getting them in. Maybe I need to ask them?? Thanks again. Paul

    • Unknown
      Unknown User

      I also love my Thorrmahlen Swan. It is cherry wood and a wonderful sound. I also play the piano and organ and so would like to move up to a small pedal harp. (Cost is an issue) and I would like to be able to transport it to a small church for use there. Thanks so much for your reply. P.S. I have owned mine for 4 years and it rarely goes out of tune! I plan on keeping it even if I buy a pedal harp!

    • Barbara
      Barbara Brundage

      Yes, they carry both of them all the time. Just ask them to let you know when they have more coming, and be sure they know you want to see both side by side.

    • Unknown
      Unknown User

      Have your students that purchased Salvi Daphne harps been happy with them? How long ago did they purchase them? Thanks. Paul

    • Sherry
      Sherry Gardner

      Hi Paul,

      My L & H 85 Petite is listed in the Harp Column classifieds. Thanks for your interest.

      Sherry Gardner

    • Unknown
      Unknown User

      Hi Paul, Have you considered a Camac Clio? They have 44 strings, and are available with an extended soundboard. I just purchased one a couple of monthes ago, and I just love it! It has a beautiful voice, even tone throughout the registers. The base is warm and mellow, the treble is clear and bright,  and the upper registers "sparkle," they don't have that plinkie sound that some harps have in the upper octaves. The projection is great. I bought mine from Harps International Unlimited in N.Y. from Peter Reis, who is great to work with. I understand that the Va. Harp Center carries them too. They are built with a different tech. that I really like. The pedal action is so smooth and quiet. They have a light balance point that I really appreciate with a bad back. I could just go on and on, but I'll spare you all. I'm just smitten with my new pedal harp. It's made of pear wood, has a very extended soundboard with a pretty decal, and the column capital is like the Atlantide model that Camac makes. There is a picture of mine on the Harps and Accessories section under a thread on "can I change my levers" or something very close to that. All I can say about my Camac Clio is Love, Love, Love!!!

      Ciao,  Cei Cei


    • john
      john Doe

      Hey Paul,

      You are compairing the same harp made in the same factory with two different names.

      The Daph 40 and L&H 85p are made in italy at the salvi factory. They are made with the same sound board and just look a little different.

      The only differents is the shape and the salvi has wheels that will buzz in a few years!


      If you want a harp to compare you might want to look at the Camac's. For the same money you will get a lighter harp that might even have a extended sound board.


      Good luck!

      John Doe,

    • Lisa
      Lisa McCann

      John Doe....again. Oh, boy.

      John, perhaps you can elaborate a little about the difficulty that you always seems to have with Salvi. Where is your information coming from? Have you worked for Salvi in the past? I would like to hear something substantive about your negative experience, instead of the same old lines about buzzing, soundboards that pull up, and, I think, several posts about the way they smell! Where's your evidence, and what's your background? (By the way, I love Camacs too, but jeez!)


    • Saul
      Saul Davis Zlatkovski

      Do I smelly something Jakey?

    • john
      john Doe



      I would love to tell you about who I am and how I know what I know, But...

      I must protect my self.


      The only thing I can say is I have been around the companys.

      Thanks John Doe,

    • Unknown
      Unknown User

      Hi Paul,

       Since guys tend to be a little taller, I was wondering how tall you are ? I test drove a Daphne 40 and had a problem, I'm  6'2". And both the D40 and 85p are too small for me. I could play it but it's very uncomfortable and I couldn't use the pedal properly.

      Good Luck, Dave

    • Brook
      Brook Boddie

      Hi Paul,

      I echo Dave's comments.  I'm 6'4" (with size 13 feet), and I had difficulty with the pedals on an 85P.  They're closer together than the pedals on a concert grand (or even semi grand).  If possible, try to go with something larger if you are tall.

      In terms of sound, I'd recommend the L&H 85 over the Daphne series, but that's just my personal preference.  The tone on most of the Daphnes that I have played lately has been muffled and dead sounding.

      Good luck with your search!

    • Benjamin
      Benjamin Creighton Griffiths

      Dear Paul,

      You sent an e-mail to Benjamin about Pilgrim Pedal Harps - we have tried to reply but our e-mail was returned by your servers!

      Benjamin's first harp was a Pilgrim Clarsach, a fantastic instrument -
      second to none in its class / size and he still has it.  In fact he took
      his grade 8 on his Pilgrim Clarsach getting 141 marks - for his three
      performance pieces he got 30/30, 30/30 & 29/30. A few years ago he used it
      to perform the Handel Harp Concerto with the Welsh Sinfonia. So if you had
      been asking about a lever harp I would say you can't really get much better.

      But unfortunately with pedal harps it is not so straight forward as the
      most important thing is getting one that suits the player!

      All 47 string pedal harps are TOO BIG for Benjamin to play as are most 44 string harps! he is not the biggest 12 year old! But he does like the Pilgrims, he has a go whenever we see them.

      At the time we bought Benjamin his 44 string pedal harp Pilgrim did not
      have a suitable model for some one as small as he was at the time so we
      could not even consider a Pilgrim pedal harps. The same applied to Camac,
      Salvi and all the other makers we tried. Of the Lyon & Healy models we
      tried only the one we bought  85GP was suitable for him, this was because it has
      a lower centre of gravity. Most harps just fell over him as he was really
      to short for them. Also on many others the top is not as slender so Ben can't get his arm round the back!

      Since that time Pilgrim have brought out the Malvern, this is designed for
      smaller children and it is suitable for Benjamin. If the Malvern had been
      around when we bought Benjamin's pedal harp we would have given it very
      serious consideration.

      Put another way, Benjamin is giving a concert at the World Harp Congress
      Amsterdam, later this month and at one stage we did not think we could
      take Benjamin's own pedal harp and, if that had still been the case, he
      would have used a Pilgrim Malvern.

      This is not now happening but only because we had to replace our
      vehicle when our old one packed in. We bought a slightly larger one so we
      can now take Ben's own harp - one he is used to - as well as all my music &
      CDs. I print, distribute & retail harp music / CDs.
      All the best


    • Anna
      Anna Lea

      Paul, Have you checked out Atlanta Harp Center?  Would it be closer to you than Virgiania?    It is located in Alpharetta, Ga. and they are owned by Virginia Harp Center, I believe.  I was over there a couple of weeks ago and I know they have an 85P, other 85 models, and quite a few Salvis, too.  You can check their website atlantaharpcenter.com and take a look at their stock.  They have quite a few used instruments, as well.  Hope you find what you are looking for.