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Glissando blister

  • Dawn
    Dawn Penland

    What is the best thing to do for a glissando blister?  It's on the tip of my second finger.  Do I drain it or just let it go down on it's own? 

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    • Briggsie B.
      Briggsie B. Peawiggle, Esq.

      I left mine alone, and after a few days I could play without pain....it went flat. After a couple of weeks, I just used an emory and filed it off the fingertip.....it was all dried.



    • Sid
      Sid Humphreys

      Yeah, don't mess with it, you'll need that calous if you keep doing glissandos. If you like, look in to getting some felt picks for practice while it heals a bit.

    • Unknown
      Unknown User

      Hi Dawn - I'm also practicing glissandi and have a blister on my second finger (right hand)... Somewhere on this site there was a thread which give me the advice to go to a local health / organic / homeopathic store and get a "tincture of myrrh".. I tried it - and it works for me! I put a few drops on my finger at night - and the next day I can play again... Helps to sooth the blister and form a nice callous.. The guy at the store told me that it is what guitar players use ... For a really bad blister - I've also had success with "new skin" - that you get in the band-aid section of any drug store... But i only use that before the blister really appears - in other words - when it hasn't "popped up"... Only when I feel a really nasty one coming... Hope any of this will help you! From one sore finger to another - Cheers!! William

    • Audrey
      Audrey Nickel

      My daughter came up here, saw the title of this thread, and said "I guess that would be a "glisster." ;)


    • Lily
      Lily Reagan


      At my audition for Eastman, I was play a piece that was a page full of glisses. I acquired a blister about twenty minutes before my audition. Since I was used to just water blisters, I just punctured it, and but some tape over it. After a couple minutes of playing, it all was fine.

      You could just drain it, and get it over with...

    • Brian
      Brian Noel

      Pop it, sterilize it, put some NuSkin on it, and be careful in the future.  Use the rubber picks that Sylvia Wood sells.  Drill a hole in them and put them on an elastic string, and loop it around your neck so you won't lose them.  They sound so much better than those hard felt picks...about as close to a finger gliss sound as you can get.  If you must use fingers, practice ligthly and don't dig in.

    • Dawn
      Dawn Penland

      My blister is all healed up now.  It was just starting to raise up but not enough to pop.  So, I put NuSkin on it and quit doing glissandos for several weeks.  Now, I do them lightly.  My problem with the rubber picks is they are double glissandos so I don't think I can juggle 2 picks in each hand.