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  • Pat
    Pat Eisenberger

    I put a deposit on a Webster McFall harp today. Since his workshop is a few minutes from my shop, I'll have an opportunity to watch it being built and take photos.

    A picture of it is here: http://home.comcast.net/~websterstrings/mcfall.html

    Is there a special dance for this?????? 'cause I can hardly contain myself!!!

    replies to "I'm EXPECTING!!!! "
    • Unknown
      Unknown User

      elephant tranquilizers can calm you down.
      congrats on the harp.

    • Geri
      Geri McQuillen

      I am so happy for you Pat!  I'll be in line close behind you.  Bill Webster's McFall is my dream harp.  Are you having it carved?  I'm hoping he will carve gryphons instead of dragons on mine, but that's a little way off yet.

      Anyway, congratulations!


    • Leigh
      Leigh Griffith

      Beautiful BIG (to me) harp, Pat! I'm sure you will be spending a lot of time together!
      Of course you will have to post pics when it arrives.

      I know it's late, and it just might be me, but the website says C to C, lowest note is 2.5 octaves below middle C. - ? - Maybe just be a typo - or am I missing something?

    • Pat
      Pat Eisenberger

      The website must be incorrect. The one I saw was "C to C" plus 1. He had the room for an extra low B, so he put it in.

    • Pat
      Pat Eisenberger

      Geri - have you ordered one yet? Do you live in the Detroit area? Perhaps we'll have to have an event with all the people that have Webster harps...that would include DSO harpest Kirsten Alvine who would put us all to shame!

      Bill is going to make mine in mahogany, and yes, I'm going to have it carved. I don't know with what, exactly. It will be a little while before he can start on it so I have some time to decide.

    • Briggsie B.
      Briggsie B. Peawiggle, Esq.

      Congratulations, Pat. You will be very very happy with your new Webster. I absolutely LOVE mine, but you knew that, and you heard it, and yes Kerstin Allvin has a McFall -- she was with me when I bought the Cecelia at the AHS last year and loved his harps, and I think she would put just about every harpist I have heard to shame...she has such a beautiful technique and plays so musically....which is why I study with her -- and she also happens to be a wonderful teacher.

      Back to your Webster.....what levers did you choose to have on yours? I hope I will get to see your McFall when you finally get it home and get a chance to get used to it.


    • Geri
      Geri McQuillen

      Hi Pat,

      No, I haven't ordered yet but I have communicated with Bill by e-mail and know he has a wait time.  I will probably order the walnut with folk gut strings, wire in the lower regisers, if he thinks the sound will be good that way.  I'm leaving that to his discretion.  I definitely want carvings, gryphons, as I had mentioned, a Celtic cross somewhere and whatever else we can come up with for the pillar designs.  I should be sending a deposit by late Spring.   It will be worth the wait.

      Unfortunately, I don't live in that area.  I live on the beautiful Oregon Coast.  But the AHS conference is going rather close to here in Tacoma Washington in June-July 2010 and I have already asked for the time off.


    • Maria
      Maria Myers



      I just went to Webster's website.  He offers many beautiful-looking harps.  Here's a link to one that I thought would make a great harp to play at weddings:


    • Pat
      Pat Eisenberger

      I've seen that harp (several years ago), and it really is a beauty. Aside of the beauty of his harps, I love the sound. I've played many different instruments in my time - everything from trumpet to bass clarinet and many in between (as a teenager I had hopes of becoming a band director) and I've always been drawn to those that I can feel vibrations from in my own body. Except the sax - there's something about the sax that's just, well, - wrong. (Sorry, sax lovers...) I felt the subtle vibration when I gave the McFall a good, strong base chord (D - Fsharp - D). It felt and sounded so Celtic! I do believe that in a previous life I must have been a Druid.... ;-7

    • Katerina
      Katerina King


      McFall was my dream for couple of years, until I realized that I'm rather an early music fan, than folk... I did not buy it when I had a chance to deposit for it. Gorgeous look and sound - really a great idea of to maybe spend more but have the professional harp: that is a strong encouraging moment to study.

      Special dance for fact is being danced on the walls and soffite :-)

    • Chris
      Chris Asmann


      If the harp is a McFall, the dance is a Jig or a Reel -you pick.

      I have a Madame Cadillac, couldn't be happier. I would love to have one of his Neo-Irish too, but......

      I don't know how you're going to stand the wait!

      Chris in NY