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need some advice on arpeggios

  • Unknown
    Unknown User

    Hello, I Finally  got my harp this week Tuesday, and am currently practicing with the Sylvia woods book/video. I've looked through the book,  and don't see that it thoroughly covers  arpeggios, at least not the kind I'm looking for. For  Ex. in piano- each hand does 3 octave arpeggio. What would be the proper fingering for that, will i have to do finger over/under? or  do i just replace my hand for each octave?
    I don't really know if I'm explaining myself correctly. I'll take a screen shot  later to show what i mean.

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    • Tacye
      Tacye Phillipson

      Place [4321] at the same time, or any order except starting from one end and working up/down eg [23] then [14] or [14] then [23] or [13] then [24].
      Play 4,3,2
      *Place 3 under
      Play 1
      Place [21]
      Play 3,2
      Repeat from *

      Reverse for downwards 123123...1234

      If you have trouble consider particularly if your fingers are too high or thumb/elbow too low.

    • Unknown
      Unknown User

       thank you very very much!!!!

    • Unknown
      Unknown User

      Regarding your dream to play arpeggios correctly:  you need to find a harp teacher to work with and learn the technique properly. A video is good I think for maybe a reinforcement tool, but you must first learn correctly what to do from a physical teacher to correct you so you won't learn the improper technique. It's one thing to be told and described via script vs a live teacher to immediately correct you.

      You may even want to try attending harp workshops that address arpeggios, etc.   Try finding a local Harp Circle in your area. Try finding personnel in American Harp Society or the Folk Harp Society in your area to possibly work with you if you are not able to acquire a 'true' harp teacher in your area. I think you are trying to push the limits before you learn the basics. I would think arpeggios without technique at the beginning is a bit premature.think it over and try to find a bona fide harpist or harp teacher that can assist you - find a local shop that sells harp and see if they can refer you to someone. Best wishes with you and your new harp.