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Moving my harp for the first time.. alone.

  • JoVi
    JoVi J

    So, I'm moving my harp from college to home today... and I've always had a senior student or instructor do it for me.  I've moved it on dollies from room to room and I've moved lever harps by car but this pedal harp is BIG! What are the rules for moving it that I should follow... so far, all I've gathered is to put it on it's column... or which side would I put it on if I did that? Which is better?  Any helpful advice?!?! if you could break it down really simply for me that'd be great, I'm such an amateur! thank you!

    replies to "Moving my harp for the first time.. alone."
    • Tacye
      Tacye Phillipson

      What are you moving the harp in?  You want to avoid putting pressure on the disks so don't lie the harp on its left.  Can one of the other students watch/supervise you load and provide moral support?  

    • JoVi
      JoVi J

      We moved it by van. Thanks for the advice! I wasn't sure which side to tip it too, but an older student did walk by and recommended to tip it to the right. So we did that, I think it worked out well. Whew!