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I'm getting a harp!

  • Bonnie
    Bonnie Bouwer

    My first, too.  I'm getting a Regency - all 44# and 34 strings of it. 
    I checked out some of the big name harps, and while they were "buttery" or "bell-like", they simply didn't sound as nice to me as the ones my teacher makes. 

    I get it next week. . . the one I've been taking lessons on.  She's already broken in.  8-)

    Perhaps someday I'll get some kind of pedal harp, but for now I can't wait for my Gavrylla.  She will stand in my music room near Gwendolyn, my viola.

    replies to "I'm getting a harp!"
    • Tony
      Tony Morosco

      Congratulations. Getting a harp that sounds and feels right to you is important so if this one sings for you that is really what matters most.

      May you and your new harp have many, many years of music making ahead of you.

    • Jessica
      Jessica Wolff

      Congratulations! Post a picture.

    • Karen
      Karen Johns

      Well good for you! I have a Musicmaker's Voyageur and love it! I've heard the Regency is one of the best-sounding folk harps around. I almost got one myself.

      Love the name you picked- I'm certain you'll have many wonderful years of making music together :-)



    • Deb
      Deb L

      congratulations!  wonderful that you have been playing it already so you will have no surprises!  Everyone seems to love those music makers.  Hope to see pictures.

    • Bonnie
      Bonnie Bouwer

      thank you!   Here's hoping I HAVE many years to play.   :)

    • Leslie
      Leslie Davis

      I'm so excited for you!  I'd love to see photos of Gavrylla when she comes home.



    • Bonnie
      Bonnie Bouwer

      I couldn't wait until my next lesson, so my teacher let me pick it up yesterday.  I haven't been able to stay away from Gavrylla.  

    • Deb
      Deb L

      that's fantastic!!  congratulations, enjoy!

    • Asha the
      Asha the Nagini

      That's so exciting!  Yay!  This November, I'll have to do the same thing.

      Can't wait to see your pictures!