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Cushion for harp stool

  • Angela
    Angela Biggs

    Hello everyone!

    When I upgraded my harp last fall, the new harp was 1" taller than the old, and the cheap foam footstool I was using as a slightly-too-short seat suddenly became much too small. I've made do for a while by putting a phone book under the footstool, but the arrangement is not stable, the foam is slowly sinking because of all the extra time I'm spending with my lovely new harp, and I'm developing some serious strain in my shoulders. Plus, because I'm too low, I'm plucking the strings too close to the soundboard and my tone is suffering immensely. :(

    I found a dream harp bench, but it's going to take me a lot of time to save up the $400 to buy it! Meanwhile, I found an adjustable stool on Amazon that would only cost $40; since it's adjustable, I would also have the chance to play around and find the ideal height for the nicer bench I'd like to buy eventually.

    The problem: the stool on Amazon has a hard plastic seat. Obviously, that's not going to work well for long practice sessions, but I've been all over the internet and can't seem to find a comfortably thick cushion that will fit it (13" diameter). I don't have the tools or the inclination to make one myself. Do you have any suggestions?

    Thanks so much for your help.


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    • Alison
      Alison P

      If you get a round, feather filled cushion, you'll be fine... I am in the UK, so I can't really shop for you !!

    • Sylvia
      Sylvia Clark

      This is a bit long, but I get to the point after a while.  You don't say if you play only at home.  At home, I have a dream harp bench, which I consider too heavy to take out on jobs.  When I go out to play, I use an adjustable folding bench that I hang on my harp (with a piece of rope) so I can move it all at once.  I fold a bath mat twice (the kind with the rubber backing) with the rubber backing on the outside so it won't slip, to cushion the bench and raise it that extra inch.  I cover the whole mess with a brown (my harp is walnut finish) velveteen cloth that hangs down to the floor.   When moving, I put the bath mat between the column and the lowest string.  I throw the brown cloth over the harp under the harp cover.  If you're just at home, you might use a chair (more solid than foam) and cover the bath mat with some kind of cloth.  I guess what I'm suggesting is use something easy to get and save your back while you look for something you'll be happy with.

    • Alison
      Alison P

      Admittedly a round stool isn't ideal because you can't shift sideways and you can feel a little bit stuck on a perch. Also make sure it doesn't have a convex lip, this happened to me when I bought a stool when away from home and the lip caught the underside of my legs and hampered the pedal changes.  An adjustable single piano stool really would be best, can't you find any second hand shops, an antique shop or -ebay ??

    • Paul and Brenda
      Paul and Brenda Neal

      We have used both rectangular and round bath, or shower, stools.  They are not finely adjustable but we made some cushions to help get the right height.  We also throw a piece of fabric over them to cover the shiny aluminum legs.  They are very light weight, and the round ones are nice for playing out.

    • Karen
      Karen S

      Can you share what your dream harp stool is and possibly a website for us to check it out in case it is the perfect one for any of us too?!


    • Angela
      Angela Biggs

      Wow, thanks for all of the tips!

      For right now, I only play "in". I just picked up some of the music to start studying for certification as a harp therapist, so eventually I will want an "out" bench. I play a lever harp, not a pedal, so my feet stay on the floor and there's very little shifting involved. :)

      The "dream bench" is here: http://www.bbrwoodworks.com/harp.html -- in figured cherry to match my harp, and with a navy micro-suede fabric for the cushion, to match the painting on the soundboard.

      I ended up finding a cushion that might work for the stool, so I ordered it and we'll see what happens. If it doesn't work, you can bet I'll be right back here working through your suggestions!


    • Jessica
      Jessica Wolff

      I bought a cheap ($5) but sturdy lyreback chair when the old St. John Hotel ended its run. It was just a little bit low for playing harp. (Harp 63", me 60".) Then I found a brilliantly colored fat Burmese pillow that did the trick.

    • Cyndee
      Cyndee Casey

      Hi, I just wanted to make a suggestion for a musicans stool that I have owned for many years and it works perfectly with all my harps as they are all different sizes and you just adjust the chair up and down to the perfect height for the harp that you are playing.  Dusty Strings sells it but it is made by Roc N Soc.  It is considered a drum throne but it works well for just about any musician (just make sure that you get the shortest seat height 16-22 is best for harp).  I personally did not like the saddle seat so I got mine with the square seat and the back rest and it is by far the best music accessory I have ever bought.  I can play comfortably for long periods of time with ease.  We just bought another one for my husband who has recently taken up playing guitar and he kept taking my stool because it is so comfortable to sit it.   


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