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Strap buttons for a lap harp

  • Frank
    Frank Pianki

    Hi folks, I just bought a Noteworthy County Kerry 24 lap harp and I'd like to hold it with a strap while playing. Does anyone know where I can find instructions on installing strap buttons?

    thanks Frank

    replies to "Strap buttons for a lap harp"
    • Sherry
      Sherry Lenox

      Have you checked with Musicmakers?

    • Frank
      Frank Pianki

      Looks like they sell the buttons but I'll need to inquire about installing instructions.. I also have a question about knew bones. Are they fairly generic in terms of fit or do should I check with the harp maker for a recommendation? thanks Frank

    • Adam B
      Adam B Harris

      Frank each harp varies in its centre of gravity so it would be best that you get instructions for the particular instrument you have.

      I use a musicmakers knee bone for one of their lap harps and highly recommend them. I am not familiar with the design of your harp but I imagine the knee bone could be used in a wide variety of harps and would not be difficult to modify (by you) if you required that.

    • Angel
      Angel TX

      Frank, did you find a solution? I am considering a County Kerry 24 for travel (I have a floor harp) and would like to hear what do you think about it?