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Harping the Boston Marathon for Parkinson's

about 2 hours ago
From Deborah Henson-Conant's blog:

Did you ever wish you could enter a Marathon with your harp, do something you've trained your whole life to do, and raise money for something that's really important to you?

Me, too!!! And that's what I'll get to do on MONDAY - "Marathon Monday" as we call it in Boston.

On Monday, I'll be playing a MARATHON concert via Livestream right from my studio to raise money for Parkinson's Research - and at the same time, my husband will be running the Boston Marathon...

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There's Always Something to Do (for Morelle) (Broughton, Bruce)

  • Composer(s)
    Broughton, Bruce
  • Instrumentation
  • Who's playing:
    0 players are working on this piece right now.
  • Commissioned by the Debussy Trio Music Foundation. World Premiere by The Debussy Trio at 2011 World Harp Congress in Vancouver , BC , Canada.

  • Editor's note:

    Look for a recording of this piece by the Debussy Trio. Buy it at fatrockink.com.


Lyon & Healy Style 23, concert grand, gold, $40,000 o.b.o.

Serial #2228, built 1921, rebuilt 1948 and 2008, including re-gilding. Has been in family since...


Venus Classic, concert grand, mahogany, $14,000 firm, cash

Recently regulated. This beautiful harp has performed at Tulsa Opera productions, Mozart solo...


Aoyama 130, lever harp, 34 strings, walnut, $2,200

Fully levered, one owner. Includes well padded travel bag and three removable legs. More pictures...

Wurlitzer CCX, semi-grand, 46 strings, gold, $33,000

Serial #1184, just back from factory, completely rebuilt and regilded. The sound of this harp is...

Harps for rent

Lever harps for rent. Call 607-687-3410. Www.theharpstudio.net. Upstate NY.

AHS Announces Repertoire for 2015

The American Harp Society has announced the required repertoire for its 21st National Competition, which will take place in 2015. The competition includes five divisions for harpists up to 30 years of age and awards prizes from $100 to $2500. The winner of the Young Professional Division will also earn the title of AHS Concert Artist. Entries must be received by April 15, 2015. For more information visit www.harpsociety.org/CompetitionsAwards/NationalCompetition.asp

The required repertoire is:...


Harp Column Hints For Posting

How to make your posts look their best

September 18, 2012
From HC Staff's blog:

As a music scholar, I of course like to make my meaning as clear as possible. So I always make sure to use the special Markdown syntax to format my posts so they look their best! Here's how you can do the same:


Line spaces between blocks of type -- paragraphs, in other words -- are very easy. Just separate them with an extra "enter" (hit "enter" twice).

Bold and Italics

It's very easy to add emphasis with bold and italics! I made this line by typing in the...



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